Open Libraries | Libraries 2020

Full list of Open Library’s project advisors: In partnership with the Internet Archive, DLF will mobilize its working groups and broader practitioner community to produce a dashboard of digital collections design and assessment tools. This dashboard will feature a Library2020 demonstration project we are calling “Inclusive Curation.” Inclusive Curation coordinates the work of various … More Open Libraries | Libraries 2020

Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP)

  Co-PI on an Insitute for Museum and Library Services National Forum grant to meet the pressing need for nationally-shared resources for the preservation and management of collections of digital 3D data. The ultimate project goal is the development and adoption of standards for digital 3D data preservation through the establishment and facilitation an ongoing, … More Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP)

Remappings – Christians and Jews in Medieval England (coming soon)

Remappings seeks to present a balanced account of Jewish-Christian interaction.  While some links will concern anti-Jewish aggression and oppression, others will offer information about Jewish agency and independence, and evidence regarding neighborly and genial relationships between Christians and Jews.  Remappings also promises to elucidate locations and points of interactions that are typically less visible in … More Remappings – Christians and Jews in Medieval England (coming soon)

Invisible Hawkeyes (in development)

Invisible Hawkeyes chronicles black students who attended the University of Iowa. Helping these individuals’ stories to emerge more fully, this website reflects the experiences that defined African American presence at a white, public Midwestern university. Black cohorts at the UI often existed on the margins of the community; nevertheless, their centrality to the institution’s reputation … More Invisible Hawkeyes (in development)

Fluxus Digital Collection

The University of Iowa Libraries houses an impressive collection of Fluxus art and ephemera, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and writings by internationally acclaimed artists Ken Friedman, John Cage, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Mieko Shiomi, Nam June Paik, George Brecht, Robert Filliou, and many others. The materials found here are drawn primarily from the … More Fluxus Digital Collection