CoffeeZone – Del cafetal al futuro | From the Coffee Fields to the Future

This digital archive encompasses the oral histories of coffee pickers, farmers, hacendados (owners of vast farming land), women and teens from the mountainous western area of Puerto Rico known as the coffee zone. This archive is the first to record and preserve the coffee zone’s dialect and oral histories. The collection also includes the ways in which women in the coffee industry have handled the micro-changes in their community, and how these changes have played a role in the preservation, and sometimes annihilation, of the coffee zone’s dialect. This website enhances our understanding on how seemingly unrelated areas, such as migratory patterns and a country’s economy, affect language.

Role:Developed design in consultation with Heidi Bartlett (graphic designer in the University of Iowa Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio) as well as Project Managed the web development and oral history integration.

Website Team Members: Mark Anderson (audio); Heidi Bartlett (graphic designer)

Principal investigator(s): Julia Oliver Rajan

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